To Stop – or not? That is the question.

Let’s talk about stop signs.  Specifically stop signs on private roads.  You know the ones, in shopping mall parking lots, or at the grocery store.  Or better yet, on a private road somewhere that people live, that’s what I really want to talk about.

Since most of us are probably familiar with stop signs in mall parking lots let’s start there.  Are you ever annoyed by how many times you have to stop in a mall parking lot?  I know I am.  Now, I’m not annoyed if the placement of said sign makes sense, like at a crosswalk.  But sometimes I think they put them in random spots as a power play.  Often I want to blow right through them because there is no person or car in sight.  So my question is – “Will I get ticketed by the police if I don’t stop at one of these signs?”  Then I wonder if the cops have any jurisprudence over my driving since technically I am on private property, the shopping mall’s road.  So maybe I can’t get a ticket for ignoring that stop sign?

Here is what I really want to know though, “Can I get a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign posted on a private road?”  This is why I ask, I live on a private road.  There are numerous families and lots of drivers living here.  Many years ago we had no stop sign at the intersection of the private road with the public road.  Then someone who lives on our road bought a sign and put it up at that intersection.  Does this mean I have to obey the sign now?  Just because someone else wanted to be reminded to look before entering the public road does it mean I have to stop?  I don’t think so.

However, if I do have to obey a privately placed sign I think I’ll buy 2 stop signs and put one on each side of my driveway entrance onto the private road.  Then everyone on our private road has to stop and give me right-of-way to get onto the private road from my driveway!


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